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Welcome to the OC UNIVERSE

:star:Welcome to :iconsonic-oc-universe::star:
:star:We hope ya enjoy this Universe where OC's Rule :iconrockoutplz:


It is free to join, don't ask!

:star: Rules/Infomation
:bulletblue: Sonic OC's Only
:bulletblue: Sonic Official Characters
:bulletblue: Any Mobian Species
:bulletblue: Anything that is featured in the Gallery Folders
:bulletblue: Positive Comments NO Negitive Comments or we may REPORT you!
:bulletred: Anything not Sonic Related
:bulletred: Any Stolen Characters
:bulletred: Any Negative Criticism (Not every OC is a recolor people!)
:bulletred: Any nudity or mature art

:star: Other Info
We do
:bulletblue: Contests
:bulletblue: Blog Support
:bulletblue: Commissions/RQs/Art Trade Info Share (List Comming Soon!)

New rules!

1 When you submit a picture to the group plz DON'T add adoptables. When it is officially your character then you can post pics with them but no advertisements for them.

2 Don't submit artwork that isn't yours.

3 As long as the original creator ok's it, you are allowed to submit bases,dress ups, and colored lineart to the "I USED A BASE" folder. If you submit it to any other folder, then it will be rejected or removed.

4 Don't submit "ask responses" for your character. Plz keep the "Ask ___ plz" on tumblr or to yourself.

5. Please don't submit WIP's or sketches to the group. Finished products only. (Unless it is a good clean sketch that you are proud of).

6. Don't submit personal journals or commission adverts in the group. This is Sonic-OC-Universe, not Sonic-Commissions-Central.

7. Submit refs/bios/character profiles to the actual character profiles folder. Otherwise it will be removed.

8. If you have two or more characters in a picture that counts as a "group" or "multiple" beings. Thus it should be submitted into the groups folder, NOT any of the other folders.

Hope ya have a great day.

:star: Any Questions plz comment here.

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I have decided too give information on the characters in my upcoming story, this is information on Subject A.R.206 (Amy Rose). Amy took part in a super solder program in the war of 2024. Amy was one of the fortunate of the thousand subjects in the program, there are only 5 remaining alive numbers 206,355,211,365,117 subjects all female. The female gender had more promising effects to indoctrination than male subjects who all did not survive. Amy's abilities are incredible strength able to lift 150tons Max never tested, strengthening in the lower legs allowing the speed of 45mph and jump hights of 4 stories. After a week in service Amy began experiencing anti social behavior and became diagnosed with schizophrenia after claiming hearing the voice of the deceased sonic the hedgehog who's death has been classified by the freedom Government. Amy is now married too the current leader of the freedom government and C.E.O. of the current mass manufacturing company Miles Tech. Current information classified level 30.....ending program.
Ps this comic is in creation of the first chapter, and will not be ready for quite some time.
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CosmiaTheCat2001 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Hey do you guys accept adopts?  If so, in which folder would I put them in?
DigitalDreama 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Read the rules please.
CosmiaTheCat2001 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Oh wait...nevermind. 
frandlle Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Other people are doing it now ok hella rad

So generally..I got into Sonic from my friend named Amy, ( WHICH IS IRONIC AND FUNNY AS HELL ). I would usually head over to play Sonic on her genesis..and at the time we didnt know tails was male..NOR what the emeralds were so we thought " lol thats a girl and those are eggs i guess " and we thought knuckles' name was " redhead. " 
When I moved away and went to middle school i immediately had to call and explain everything we got wrong LOL 
While I still lived in Florida and went to elementary wouldn't be like us not to make Sonic OCs. She had Anrie, and I had...pikachu the hedgehog..... :iconexcaliburplz:
After I moved again, I ended up changing pikachu completely and turning her into " Toxicity. "…
Literally her entire personality changed and she eventually turned into a little ghost girl that follows Shadow and calls him " mommy~. " 
Since Sonic himself ended up becoming i an idol to toxik and me in a way, she ended up following him as well. Generally the Sonic universe is something i can use to get away from stress with Toxicity, and Im happy Amy introduced me. 
Sonic senpai.... husbando....
controllinghavoc Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What first got me into Sonic were the games. I first played Sonic on the Sega Genesis I believe. I was very entertained by the classic 2D side scroller. My love for it later developed more from the Sonic DX Directors cut and SA2. I still have trouble picking my favorite character between Sonic, Shadow, and Tails. Then once I got Iinto more online sites I started to get more involved in the Sonic Fandom as well. I wound up creating my own OC Flame. Unfortunately people easily confuse him for Shadow so I keep working on more redesigns to finally make him stand out from the crowd. I have also met a lot of really original and cool Sonic creators and quite a few of them are right here on DA. One such creator is even making his own original Sonic fanfiction that has quite literally captivated me and has me waiting in suspense for each chapter. Well I guess I've blabbered on enough but this is why I've grown to like Sonic so much. And being in this group as well as other Sonic groups as well helps me to get even more involved with the community.
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