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Welcome ★

Welcome to Sonic-OC-Universe!

:star: Here in the Sonic-OC-Universe we support everything and anything Sonic OC/FC, however we aim for good quality!

:star: We want to see the best of the best to show off the good in the Sonic fanbase/fandom!

:star: Remember this is the Universe where OC's Rule!

:groups: Group Rules :groups:

:bulletgreen: We Accept: :bulletgreen:

  1. Sonic OC's and FC's
  2. Official Fan Characters
  3. Various Mobian Species
  4. Crossovers
  5. Memes
  6. Bases* READ :bulletpink:EXTRA RULES
  7. Character Profiles
  8. Icons/Logos/Stamps
  9. Comics
  10. Fan Fictions
  11. Animation

:bulletred: We Don't Accept: :bulletred:

  1. Anything not related to Sonic
  2. Stolen Art
  3. Recolors
  4. Bases
  5. Tracing
  6. Sloppy Sketches
  7. Adoptables
  8. Screenshots
  9. Fetish
  10. Harassment
  11. Extreme sexual or gore (submissions)
  12. Self-Advertising (No commissions, adoptables, etc)
    Please don't comment on the group page either in context to this.

Extra Rules!


:police: If you continue to submit to the incorrect folder you will receive a warning, after 3 you will be temporarily banned from the group.
If you want to be unbanned, note DigitalDreama with the subject "Sonic OCU Unban Request".

:bulletred: Don't submit artwork that isn't yours.

:bulletorange: Don't submit "ask responses" for your character. Plz keep the "Ask ___ plz" on tumblr or to yourself.

:bulletyellow: Submit refs/bios/character profiles to the actual character profiles folder. Otherwise it will be removed.

:bulletgreen: Don't submit personal journals or commission adverts in the group. This is Sonic-OC-Universe, not Sonic-Commissions-Central.

:bulletblue: Please don't submit WIP's or sketches to the group. Finished products only. (Unless it is a good clean sketch that you are proud of).

:bulletpurple: If you have two or more characters in a picture that counts as a "group" or "multiple" beings. Thus, it should be submitted into the groups folder, NOT any of the other folders.

:bulletpink: As long as the original creator is ok with it, you are allowed to submit bases, dress ups, and colored lineart to the "I USED A BASE" folder. If you submit it to any other folder, then it will be rejected or removed.


:bulletgreen: There is no need to ask to join, you will automatically be accepted as long as you aren't trying to join as a Co-Founder, or Contributor.

:bulletblack: Do not ask to be a Co-Founder or a Contributor. We will decide on that.

:bulletblack: We don't accept people advertising on our page, if you do we will report it as spam and block you.

:bulletblack: No threats or negative commentary towards members, admins, co-founders, or contributors are accepted. If you do this, we will report you and will be banned.

:bulletblack: Please submit your art in a Sonic style. We know everybody has a different style, but as long as you don't have human-isque body (anthro/furry) you're good.

If you have any questions, please note the group. As a last resort, please contact DigitalDreama via note.

Gallery Folders

Full Animation
Simple Animation
Pixel Animation
Motion Graphics
Official Characters
Official and OC
Crossover or Human
Clean Sketches
Used a Base
Character Profiles-Refs
Icons and Logo's
Fan Fictions
Darkness and Unknown
Crown of Chaos Character Profiles
Crown of Chaos ROUND Entries
:new: Due to request, we have added a clean sketches folder. Examples of acceptable work will be displayed in the folder.
:new: New sets of animation folders added: for examples see inside each folder.
:new: Daily limit increased, now you can submit two picture per day BUT it would be wise to save the second submission for re-subs just in case you messed up or dA eats your submission request.
:new: Comment section rules added.
:pencil: If you have any questions or suggestions for things to be changed or added regarding the group, please comment below.
:note: So I have been hearing recently that some people are not getting their submitted pictures voted on- in terms of being accepted or denied.
I am here to inform you that sometimes dA "eats" these submissions. They don't appear in the group submission list. You may wanna try resubmitting them.

Otherwise if your picture is denied then check the rules, you may have done something wrong.
More Journal Entries



[Disclaimer] If you want to associate with us, you must have at least 30 dedicated members in your group.



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If you are commenting here, please read the rules first!

We are happy to hear stuff from the community but we don't want spam.

- Don't advertise in the comments (commissions, doing free requests, adopts, contests etc)
- Don't show off artwork (link) if you are not in the group.
- Don't comment about personal problems. If there is a problem in the group, please NOTE the group. These factors are personal, not public.
- Don't bash members or subjects in the art. If you don't like it, then move along. Your negative comment is unneeded.

- Do comment on the Sonic community in a whole. Got updates on Sonic Boom? Any cool sites you are interested to join relating to Sonic? Please do comment.
- Do comment if you have a question about the group. You will get a response.
- Do comment if you are looking for critiques (BUT only if you are in the group).
- Do comment about the group, but please do it with supportive criticism in mind. If something is wrong, or maybe you want another folder for a different related subject, comment about it. It may be implemented.
If you like the group, then say so! Maybe say why you like it?


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PurpleArellano Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
May I join in? 
BlitzStars Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015
Are the submissions closed? Because I wanna submit artwork but the only option I have is to leave the group.
DigitalDreama Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Submissions are not closed. 
There is a limit of one submission a day (which I am aiming to change to two); so if you already submitted, you have to wait till the next day to re-submit it. 

However if you never submitted anything, then you may be going to the wrong place to submit it. 

When you want to upload a picture (via default dA) there is an options setting near the bottom of the page (as FAQ #79 says:)

"In Gallery and Group Options, you can specify which groups and gallery folders you would like to submit your deviation to. To submit to groups you’re not an administrator of, you can use the submit to a group option on your deviation page after you submit."

The second way is to go the group page, go to the gallery, and in the top right hand corner is a button that says "Contribute to this gallery" click it then submit the picture you want. Make sure the right gallery folder is selected when you click submit it (there is a drop down menu).

Hope this helps.

BlitzStars Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015
Oh, alright.
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