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Submitted on
June 11, 2012


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:iconmephilez::iconsaysplz: Hello everyone! Mephilez here, and I here to state that :iconsonic-oc-universe: will be the official holder for the Sonic OC Tournament!

The situation:

Mobius, the home world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic has been through many adventures. Anywhere from fighting the notorious Dr. Robotonik/Eggman to going back in time and space fighting and defeating genies and kings. Sonic has been everywhere overthrowing evil and being the hero!

But the thing is... Sonic isn't here this time.

Anyone on the planet Mobius can possibly win the true power of Chaos Energy and have any wish of theirs be granted!
Wait! This isn't bad.. or is it?

If any villains get a hold of this wish it can be death to its enemies. Or if a hero then good for its own needs. You will decide.

Below is the Prologue to this situation in which your character will have to face/abide by.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ______________________________:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Kasai Flamel was an expert in Chaos Energy, specifically the light/positive power it gave off.  He was in search of the origin of this power. Of course there is the Master Emerald that holds much of the energy but that was just a "holder". The Master Emerald nor the Chaos Emeralds actually produce Chaos Energy themselves. The hold and store it.
He was in search of the origin of the  astounding power that is or makes up Chaostic Energy!

After a good 12 years in research, he finally found a "trail" that leaked off the similar power energy that Chaos Energy had. He traced that trail to a zone he called "Alpha". After recovering the location of the Alpha Zone, he decided himself to travel there himself. With the power of the Warp Rings he managed to ravel to that location, and upon arrival he instantly felt a surge of power. Raw chaos power it felt like. Maybe not truly chaos at all. The amount was to much to handle and thus he blacked out.
When he had awoken, before him was a formless entity. It came to render a part of itself in the form of a human to speak to Kasai.
After talking through a range of languages it finally asked in English, "Do you understand?".  Kasai in both fear and confusion responded as "Only partly."
After communicating with the human render, he had come to find that the entity had no name for itself but could be titled "Equilibrium". Stimatis (St-E-mat-is) if he wanted. He found that the entity Stimatis had been left in charge of energy balance within the crossroads of this dimension. It explained that it tried to control the energy within the human dimension originally (Earth / Human/ Our) but was obsolete due to that dimension's energy focused on properties that overridden that of what Stimatis possessed. This entity had created what we know of Chaos Energy to balance the energy levels on each of the planets throughout its universe. As life started to populate the planets and use the energy, Stimatis was amazed by how the organisms used his energy. But he found it unfair to have the life forms use his energy and it not be able to get something valuable in return. They didn't even know of Stimatis! After Stimatis having Kasai in its presence he didn't want to let him leave. The entity was lonely for many centuries and wished that it had a life form in which it can share its direct power with it and learn of how it uses his power. Not to mention actually acknowledged its existence.
Kasai didn't want to stay there for many reasons, so Stimatis requested that Kasai spread this request to the inhabitants of his world. Whoever would be dubbed worthy of Stimatis's "interview" will in tern get any wish it wanted.

So finally that is where this tournimant comes in. I Kasai Flamel say to you all, whoever wants to venture on to Statis's request and will compete against many other life forms to claim the grand prize of a collection of any thing you wish, not to mention you get to talk to the power that is Chaos Energy... just more powerful. Maybe you can ask it and find out mysteries to the power that is Chaos Energy. Maybe even control the rest of this universe......
Wait.... is that a good thing?!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ______________________________:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

What do you have to do to enter?

-Submit a profile of the character you want to enter in for the contest.

From there we will decide which characters are fit enough to continue on to the next round!

The real prizes for the contest

-The real winner of the contest will win 600+pts or a premium subscription (maybe for a year)
-- A picture/story from the judges
--- A Sonic Comic of your choice (that we can find)
---- A Sonic Videogame form the list *will be out soon*

Not bad huh?


The Tournament rules and how to play will be explained in the next round, where you are actually pinned against another.

Have you character redone and filled out with this character template

*template located here… *

Submit the character profiles to the "Crown of Chaos Character Sheets" folder.

Characters to be entered can be Sonic fan characters with a partner of any other lifeform. The main character can't be anything other than a Sonic fan character though.

Please no god-mod characters.

Entries will be open until the 29th of June.

*sorry if this is a bit unorganized I am still in school and got alot on my mind, once I am out then it will be better*


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Will you be hosting another tournament soon?
Hopefully, its just that most people don't commit to it.
That's sad. It seems like a lot of fun, too.
It is, when all is cooperating. 
I hope all going according to plan for you if the next time you receive enough applicants for a proper tournament. Still, very unfortunate I couldn't enter my own combatant into the fray.
Hm ya..hopefully.
xXScarilverXx Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is there still a chance to enter?
xXScarilverXx Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hee hee that's okay ^^
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